Deff Micro-USB to Magnetic Connector Adapter now on pre-order in the UK

by XB on 11th July 2014

in Accessories

magneticadapterDo you remember the Deff Micro-USB to Magnetic Connector Adapter that we featured recently? This was an adaptor that allowed you to transform any micro USB cable to connect to the magnetic connector on select Sony Xperia handsets. The accessory is currently only sold in Japan, but the good news is that UK retailer Clove has managed to secure an order for these adapters.

Clove has the accessory on pre-order for £10 + VAT, excluding delivery. Both black and white colours are available to pre-order – they are expected to arrive by the end of July. In the UK, the adapter will cost £15.60 including delivery. The great news is that Clove ships worldwide, so if you can’t find the Deff adapter locally, head over to Clove.


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