TrackID gets big update (4.0.B.1.0) with new UI and online sync

by XB on 13th July 2014

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TrackID_4.0.B.1.0_7Sony is pushing out a big update to the TrackID music recognition app, moving it to version 4 and build number 4.0.B.1.0. For those that don’t know, TrackID helps you to identify a music track you might hear whilst out and about. Simply launch the app, click the button and seconds later it will tell you the song, artist and album info.

The TrackID v4 update brings changes to the user interface, moving the Tracking, History and Charts items to a pull-out menu on the left . The animation when trying to identify a track has also changed. The other big change is online sync, allowing you to track your history across all devices. You can log-in via your Sony Entertainment Network (SEN) or Facebook account.

This new update has seen a limited roll out right now, but if you want to test it out yourself, you can find the APK file here.


TrackID_4.0.B.1.0_2 TrackID_4.0.B.1.0_3

TrackID_4.0.B.1.0_4 TrackID_4.0.B.1.0_4b

TrackID_4.0.B.1.0_5 TrackID_4.0.B.1.0_6


TrackID_4.0.B.1.0_8 TrackID_4.0.B.1.0_9

Thanks Ambroos!

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