Check out these elegant analogue watch faces for your SmartWatch 2

by XB on 14th July 2014

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Cartier-Inspired Watchface_resultSony’s big update for the SmartWatch 2 back in April introduced custom watch faces, giving users the ability to select from a range of clock faces and widgets. It was an excellent update for the SmartWatch 2 and it got even better in May, when Sony released the API allowing developers to create their own clocks and widgets.

Whilst many SmartWatch 2 owners like the use of widgets to display notifications, weather, alarm details etc, others may want a more simple and elegant approach. If that is you, then check out the analogue watch faces below from third-party developer Julian J Wong. There is a wide collection of free watch faces and premium ones too that mimic some of the well known watch brands out there. All Google Play Store links are included below.

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Free SmartWatch 2 Clock Faces by Julian J Wong

BR03-1 watchface SmartWatch 2

BR03-1 watchface_result

Clean Clock Sony SmartWatch 2

Clean Clock_result

Clean Clock3 Sony SmartWatch 2

Clean Clock3_result

Moto Blue Watchface 2 for SW2

Moto Blue Watchface 2_result

Moto Blue Watchface for SW2

Moto Blue Watchface_result

moto Sony clock 2 SmartWatch 2

moto Sony clock 2_result

moto Sony watchface for SW2

moto Sony watchface_result

Rainbow Watchface SmartWatch 2

Rainbow Watchface_result

Speedo Clock1 for SmartWatch 2

Speedo Clock1_result

Speedo Clock2 for SmartWatch 2

Speedo Clock2_result

Square Clock1 for SmartWatch 2

Square Clock1_result

Square Clock2 for SmartWatch 2

Square Clock2_result

Square Clock4 for SmartWatch 2

Square Clock4_result

Square Clock5 for SmartWatch 2

Square Clock5_result

Premium SmartWatch 2 Clock Faces by Julian J Wong

BR03-92 watchface SmartWatch 2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

BR03-92 watchface_result

Cartier-Inspired Watchface SW2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

Cartier-Inspired Watchface_result

Clean Clock2 Sony SmartWatch 2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

Clean Clock2_result

Clean Clock4 Sony SmartWatch 2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

Clean Clock4_result

Gold Rolex Watchface SW2
Cost: £1.09, €1.37, $1.87

Gold Rolex Watchface_result

Hublot Inspired Watchface SW2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

Hublot Inspired Watchface_result

Omega Inspired Watchface SW2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

Omega Inspired Watchface_result

Radar Watchface SmartWatch 2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

Radar Watchface_result

Rolex Milgauss Watchface SW2
Cost: £1.09, €1.37, $1.87

Rolex Milgauss Watchface_result

Rolex-Inspired Watchface SW2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

Rolex-Inspired Watchface_result

Speedo Clock3 for SmartWatch 2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

Speedo Clock3_result

Swiss Clock Sony SmartWatch 2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

Swiss Clock_result

TAG inspired watchface for SW2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

TAG inspired watchface_result

TAG Inspired Watchface 2 SW2
Cost: £0.54, €0.68, $0.99

TAG Inspired Watchface 2_result

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