JDI starts mass production of IPS-NEO displays for mobile products

by XB on 17th July 2014

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JDI_IPS-NEO_2Japan Display Inc has announced that mass production of IPS-NEO panels for mobile products has commenced. IPS-NEO panels are characterised by higher contrast displays (darker blacks) and consistent colour reproduction through wide viewing angles. Other benefits include improved yields and lower power consumption.

As pixel density for mobile products is driven ever higher, this has led to poorer transmissivity and higher backlight power consumption. JDI says that the photo alignment technology behind IPS-Neo helps to increase transmissivity by at least 10%. We don’t know whether we will see IPS-NEO displays in smartphones anytime soon, but JDI says that it will be “steadily introducing and expanding it to other lines“. For further detail on this technology click on the source link.



Via JDI.

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