Xperia T3 manual now available

by XB on 19th July 2014

in Tips & Tricks, Xperia T3

Xperia T3 IMEIThe Xperia T3 has recently gone on sale in two regions so far: Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is expected to see a wider launch next month, including the UK and Germany. If you’ve been keeping a eye on the 5.3-inch Xperia T3, with its steel frame and 7mm thickness, then you might want to take a look at the Xperia T3 user guide manual which has just gone live.

The 124-page manual confirms that the Xperia T3 has a hard reset button and shows how you can insert the micro SIM and microSD memory cards. You can download the English manual below, user guides for other languages can be downloaded here.

Xperia T3 user manual

Xperia T3 Reset Xperia T3 IMEI

Xperia T3 manual

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