Xperia M2 Case-Mate Barely There case review

by XB on 20th July 2014

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Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_11.The Sony Xperia M2 is a decent budget smartphone with a big 4.8-inch qHD display, 8MP camera, good battery life, loud speakers and acceptable performance from its 1.2GHz quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. The Xperia M2 is also a reasonably slim (8.6mm) and light (148g) handset.

It’s great to see Sony’s OmniBalance design trickle through the lower-end of its range, as the Xperia M2 does look very nice indeed. If you want to keep your handset looking good, then you may have considered buying a case. Today we are reviewing the Case-Mate Barely There case for the Xperia M2 thanks to MobileFun, who also stock a wide range of other Xperia M2 cases.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_1.

Case-Mate’s range of ‘Barely There’ cases have been designed to protect your phone from bumps and scrapes without comprising on the size and design of your handset. The Clear case we are reviewing today works well in this regard, especially if you have a white or purple handset.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_2.

The case is made out of tough clear plastic which is “impact resistant” according to Case-Mate and has an extremely slim profile.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_3.

The Case-Mate logo is embossed at the bottom of the case.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_4.

The side of the case has the words “Case-Mate” in capital letters. Given the use of clear plastic, it’s difficult to notice too much once the handset is in.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_5.

The Xperia M2 weighs 148 grams, whilst this case will add another 16 grams. This is a light-weight case, so you shouldn’t even notice when it’s fitted on.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_6.

The case has a very thin profile. As you can probably tell from the picture below, the case is hard to notice once it is on.


The case adds very little thickness to the Xperia M2.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_8.

There is sufficient clearance to access all ports and buttons on the phone. Here you can see plenty of room to hit the camera button and volume rocker.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_9.

There is also no problem in accessing the micro USB port.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_10.

Likewise with the camera lens, LED flash and secondary mic. The case at no points obstructs the camera, leaving plenty of clearance to take pictures.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_11.

The top of the plastic case bends round the headphone jack, to ensure even fat 3.5mm jacks should not be obstructed by the case.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_12.

The case covers all four corners of the handset, so the corners should be protected if the phone drops. The case does not offer total protection though, there are some parts of the phone that are exposed. In particular the top and bottom edges of the phone on the front side are susceptible if it feel awkwardly. The plastic used is very tough though and very difficult to remove once on. We can’t imagine the phone slipping out of the case once installed.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_13.

The Xperia M2 Barely There case from Case-Mate is a thin, light-weight and stylish case. The case offers peace-of-mind to those worried about knocks and scrapes. Yes, it doesn’t offer total protection like Case-Mate’s line of “Tough” cases, but then it also doesn’t sacrifice any port access and also does not get in the way of the Xperia M2 design, which is great to see.

The smooth plastic used is also easy to grip, but also slides easily in and out of pockets. We are happy to recommend this product at its price point of £14.99 from MobileFun. Some people like to use their phones naked, but for those who do want some kind of protection without ruining the sleek looks of the Xperia M2, then this is the case for you.

Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2_14.

Thanks to MobileFun for providing the Case-Mate Barely There Xperia M2 case for review!

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