RIP SUS: Sony ends support for Update Service software

by XB on 24th July 2014

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SUS_2Sony has officially ended support for the Sony Update Service application for Windows. The software, that used to be known as SEUS (Sony Ericsson Update Service) and more recently SUS, was a more focused way for users to update their Sony Xperia devices.

It’s sole purpose was to update the firmware of Sony Xperia devices without any of the extra bells and whistles that you get through PC Companion.

If you try to access the Sony Update Service website right now, you will be met with the following message:

“Update Service support has ended – As from 21st July 2014, the Update Service application is no longer supported. To update the software in your device, use PC Companion instead.”

The software still works without any problems, obviously Sony recognises that a lot of Xperia owners are probably using this software versus PC Companion. How long this will continue working though is anyone’s guess. Sony may simply not add any new devices to the software, or it could just stop server support altogether.

For now, the download link for the latest version of SUS is still live which you can download here. If that dies, there is a mirror here.

It is a shame as personally we preferred using SUS to update our Xperia devices rather than PC Companion. What was your preference? Will you miss SUS, or did you prefer PC Companion anyway? Let us know your thoughts below.

Sony’s Update Service web page confirms that support has ended


The software still remains functional, although for how much longer we don’t know



Thanks Jonathan!

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