Do you suffer from Netflix issues on your Sony Xperia device?

by XB on 28th July 2014

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netflix-logoFor a while now, we have received a slow but steady stream of emails from readers complaining about problems with the Netflix app on their Sony Xperia smartphone or tablet. It is not just us though, if you do a search on Sony’s official Talk Forums and XDA you will find a number of threads talking about the same issue.

The most common complaints relate to an audio delay, which can be very off-putting when watching video. Other complaints relate to bouts of freezing and stuttering, but by far the most common issue is the audio lag problem described above.

We have held off on posting this for a long time now (over a year), assuming it will get resolved at some point down the line either by a Sony update or one from Netflix. Indeed, it’s difficult to point the finger at any one-party on this. Sony’s customer support representatives on the forums say it’s an issue with Netflix, especially if all other apps work correctly. However, readers who have contacted Netflix says it is a Sony issue.

If you check through the Netflix reviews on the Google Play Store, there appear to many happy Xperia users, but there are a minority that complain of this exact issue (see below). Netflix is one of the most popular video streaming apps out there and we can imagine some Xperia customers will be annoyed if they find out that the app isn’t working as intended.

We hope Sony and Netflix come together to solve this issue once and for all – it doesn’t do either company any good. If you have had similar problems, we’d love to hear your experiences below.

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