Xperia Z2 sized up against the OnePlus One

by XB on 29th July 2014

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Z2 vs OPO_9The OnePlus One has been creating waves since it was announced earlier in the year. The promise of flagship specifications at a fraction of the price has enticed many. The OnePlus One still hasn’t properly launched, with potential buyers relying on receiving an invite via the official forums or promotions via social media. We have previously compared the specs of the OnePlus One versus the Xperia Z2, but now we have some hands-on pictures of both handsets side-by-side.

The OnePlus One is a tall handset at 152.9mm versus 146.8mm for the Xperia Z2, but the OnePlus One does house a 5.5-inch display versus the 5.2-inch display in the Xperia Z2. This can be seen in the pictures below, however despite this, the OnePlus One has a similar weight of 162g (Xperia Z2: 163g).

Initial impressions of the OnePlus One point to a very capable handset considering the price. The premium build quality of the Xperia Z2 comes through against the OnePlus One, but then again the Z2 is around £200 more expensive. With handsets like the OnePlus One on the market, it shows more than ever that Sony needs to work ever harder to try and justify a premium over the competition.

Z2 vs OPO_1

Z2 vs OPO_2

Z2 vs OPO_3

Z2 vs OPO_4

Z2 vs OPO_5

Z2 vs OPO_6

Z2 vs OPO_7

Z2 vs OPO_8

Z2 vs OPO_9

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