Xperia Z2 survives six weeks on the sea bed; remains in full working order

by XB on 11th August 2014

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Damaged_1Sony was one of the first manufacturers to really push water-resistant phones in the west with the Xperia active in 2011. However, even now in 2014, the company is careful to apply limitations on what the phone can be exposed to. For example, with the Xperia Z2 Sony says that it “can be kept under 1.5 m of fresh water for up to 30 minutes in compliance with IP58“.

However, if you were curious how sturdy they really are, then this story may give some insight. Reports from Swedish press talk of Alexander Maxén from Gothenburg who was on holiday with a friend, enjoying a bit of water-skiing. He left the phone on the seat as he jumped in, causing the mobile phone to bounce into the water. As the sea bed was more than 10 metres deep, he was not in a position to try and recover the phone.

Once they got back to land, they were able to call the phone, which to their surprise still had reception. Six weeks later, his friend who lives in the region went scuba diving and managed to recover the phone. The Xperia Z2 had sustained some external damage (the back screen was shattered), and the battery had completely discharged. But to their surprise, the phone’s LED indicator lit up when trying to charge the phone. The Xperia Z2 worked completely fine and could even make calls.

We have heard a similar story in the past relating to the Xperia V, however that was only for four days. The Xperia Z2 in this situation was in salt water on the sea bed for six weeks, 10 metres down, so it’s amazing it was still working when it was recovered. Maxén decided not to bother repairing the phone, keeping it in its battered state as a memento of the journey it had been on.

Alexander Maxén snapped these pictures on his Xperia Z2 before it fell into the sea



The Xperia Z2 was in full working order when it was recovered six weeks later, despite suffering some external damage




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