Sony releases video teaser for IFA 2014; hints at three new mobile devices

by XB on 28th August 2014

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IFA Leak_1Sony Mobile has released a video teaser for its IFA 2014 tradeshow next week; hinting at the release of three new devices. Sony says “The time to Demand Great is coming” with the tagline “It’s in the #XperiaDetails”.

There are lots of references to the number 3 in the video, hinting to the launch of the Z3. For example, the video shows three cups, the number three on a football player, people forming a triangle with their hands (which has three sides), a plate with three pieces of sushi, three fingers tapping on a chair and three people jumping into a pool.

At the end of the video there is a silhouette of three devices, which fits in line with what we are expecting to see i.e. the Xperia Z3, Xperia Z3 Compact and Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact. There are also some cryptic digits about the upcoming device(s) as seen below.


Some of the hints are obvious, given their prominence in the red font colour such as 7mm (thickness?), H20 (waterproof?), but we can’t be sure. We’ll leave it to you to decipher what Sony might be hinting at in the comments below.

IFA Tease_1

IFA Tease_2

IFA Tease_3

Demand Great Xperia

IFA Leak_1

Thanks François and Levered!

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