Android 4.4.4 firmware (23.0.1.A.0.32) for Xperia Z2 leaks; pics included

by XB on 16th October 2014

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Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_3An older Android 4.4.4 KitKat firmware build for the Sony Xperia Z2 has leaked. The software has been leaked by the EXR Team which has successfully leaked Sony firmware in the past. The firmware build for the leaked ROM has version number 23.0.1.A.0.32, which is an older build than the one recently certified by the PTCRB (23.0.1.A.0.167).

A number of pictures accompany the leaked firmware confirming the build number along with the fact that the Xperia Z2 will see the same UI as the Xperia Z3, including home launcher. Other new features from the Xperia Z3 include the screen record function, restart option in power menu, Ultra STAMINA mode and the ability to set up a DUALSHOCK 4 gaming controller. We’ll bring you news once the update starts to officially roll.

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_1 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_2

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_3 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_4

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_5 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_6

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_7 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_8

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_9 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_10

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_11 Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_12

Xperia Z2 Android 4.4.4_23.0.1.A.0.32_13

Via XDA.

Thanks Giovanni!

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