New Sony Active Pixel Color Sampling (APCS) sensor heading to a future Xperia?

by XB on 12th November 2014

in Imaging, Rumours

A purported spec sheet for the Sony IMX189AEG CMOS camera sensor has leaked which apparently is due to land on a future Sony Xperia model according to reports. The 1.5-inch 4.8MP chip will be one of the first with Active Pixel Color Sampling (APCS). APCS sensors can sample all three colors in one pixel due to an electronic filter that moves across the sensor.

Therefore despite what may be seen as a low mega-pixel sensor, in theory APCS sensors only need 1/3rd the number of pixels to create the same image. The chips should be capable of much better low light performance given that each pixel is larger in size and high frame rates. The spec sheet talks of 1080p at up to 16,000fps and 4K output at up to 240fps. We’ll see if anything comes of this, but if there is any truth to it, we’re sure Sony will plan to include it in an upcoming Xperia device.


Viia CnBeta.

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