SmartWatch 2 updated with new watch faces; “Do not disturb” function and ability to customise app order

by XB on 17th December 2014

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SW2 update_2Sony has released a new update for the SmartWatch 2, the first for months, which brings a number of neat new features. The update moves the build number to 1.0.B.6.30/1.0.A.4.11 and with it some new watch faces too. In addition, Sony finally allows users to customise the app order within the SW2’s home screens. This is managed on the phone within the Smart Connect app, allowing you to easily rearrange apps into home screen 1, 2, 3 etc.

Sony now also allows you to choose up to three watch faces that you can swipe between. Finally, given that the SmartWatch 2 has a pretty harsh vibrate function, it’s great to see that it has added a “Do not disturb” feature within the settings. This will be especially handy if you’re in a meeting.

However, one big bug with the update is that it appears to break custom analogue watch faces. Users are complaining that either the date is being displayed incorrectly. Therefore, if you are using a custom watch face, you may want to hang tight for a bug fix.

SW2 update_1

The update moves the build number to 1.0.B.6.30/1.0.A.4.11.

2014-12-17 21.56.25

Sony now allows you to swipe between three watch faces. Sony has also expanded the range of watch faces available.

SW2 update_2 SW2 update_3


The order of apps on the SmartWatch 2 can now be customised.

SW2 update_4 SW2 update_5

A much-needed “Do not disturb” feature has also been added. This can be accessed in the SW2 settings menu.

2014-12-17 21.54.10

Thanks Rox, Sergiusz and SonyMan7!

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