Sony reveals CES 2015 tease: “Welcome to the New World”

by XB on 19th December 2014

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Sony Welcome to the New WorldSony has just published a very cryptic video teaser entitled: “Welcome to the New World”. The 43-second video doesn’t explicitly say what it relates to but there are numerous references to its mobile devices including our list below (please let us know your thoughts in the comments below). The title of the video is purposely vague, we’re eager to find out more.

Our thoughts on Sony’s “Welcome to the New World” video

1) A very thin piece of electronic hardware is teased at the beginning, which is possibly a new tablet (or maybe a smartphone). The fact that the hand looks to lift the device suggests this is a mobile device rather than a television for example.

Sony New World_1

2) Pressing number ‘5’ on the lift: Sony’s CES 2015 press conference takes place on 5 January 2015.

Sony New World_2

We’re not sure whether this particular still is meant to reveal anything. Could be something to do with colour of the device, given the emphasis on coat and red top underneath.

Sony New World_2b

We are stumped as to what this elevator shaft is meant to signify. It could just be there to be arty though!

Sony New World_2c

3) A girl eating a lollipop (this one is obvious): It hints that Sony is ready to show its version of Android 5.0 Lollipop to the world.

Sony New World_3

4) Sound waves: Could Sony be introducing new sound technology to its mobile devices?

Sony New World_4

5) A chameleon in different colours: Could be camera or display related.

Sony New World_5

6) Picture Start in 5: Once again likely reference to the Sony’s CES 2015 press date of 5 January 2015.

Sony New World_6a

Sony New World_6

7) “BRILLIANCE” written in coloured lights: At first take it looks like these are just words written out. However, as the small snippet plays out you can see they are being written people behind each word. This is the giveaway, showing it is using the “Firework” camera mode in the Xperia Z3 series.

Sony New World_7

Sony New World_7b

8) Paris by day and night: Could be hinting at low-light camera capabilities.

Sony New World_8

9) Shadow of a knight fighting a monster, whilst a girl in the foreground holds a mobile device: Obviously gaming related.

Sony New World_9

10) A very thin glass separates two hands: Not sure what this one is about. Certainly too thick for mobiles, perhaps related to an upcoming television? It could signify something else though.

Sony New World_10

11) Guy sitting on a bench seeing a rainbow made by coloured puffs of smoke: This one could be anything including camera or display.

Sony New World_11

12) Women opening a door in a dark room and then a close up of the eye: WTF!? No idea.

Sony New World_12

Sony New World_12b

13) Young girl with a close up of the eye: Look closely and you’ll see the silhouette of a phone.

Sony New World_13

Sony New World_13b

14) Hairs on an arm standing up: Obviously to signify we’re to witness something special.

Sony New World_14

15) Tears rolling down a cheek: Could be similar to above or have a wider meaning.

Sony New World_15

16) Young boy listening to pregnant mother’s tummy: Signifies that something new coming is coming from Sony.

Sony New World_16

17) Sony: Welcome to the New World

Sony New World_17

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