New Sony phone passes through FCC – could it be the Xperia Z4?

by XB on 16th January 2015

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Sony PY7-PM0850_1A new Sony Xperia smartphone has passed through the FCC with ‘Type Number’ PM-0850-BV and ‘FCC ID’ PY7-PM0850. Little is given away in the FCC documents, we know the firmware build number (25.0.A.0.33) of the model certified. The upcoming lollipop firmware for the Xperia Z3 series is expected to carry build format 23.1.X.X.XXX. This new handset has a higher build number, but Sony’s firmware number formats have not always necessarily signified that a higher build number comes from a flagship device.

The documents confirm that the device supports LTE Bands 2, 5 and 7, but little else is known. We could be looking at the Xperia Z4, but it could also be a different device. There is no hard evidence that we can see that can confirm this either way. Sony is readying new devices for probable launch at MWC, that much is certain.

Blog of Mobile recently reported that the Xperia Z4 was recently certified in Japan by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications. It claims that FCC Type Number PM-0793-BV was certified for NTT DoCoMo; PM-0792-BV was certified for au by KDDI and that PM-0794-BV was certified for SoftBank. Once again, we have seen no public information that links this to the Xperia Z4, however the likelihood of it being so is high.

New Xperia FCC ID numbers

Type Number: PM-0850-BV [FCC ID: PY7-PM0850]
Type Number: PM-0851-BV [FCC ID: PY7-PM0851]
Type Number: PM-0852-BV [FCC ID: PY7-PM0852]
Type Number: PM-0855-BV [FCC ID: PY7-PM0855]
Type Number: PM-0854-BV [FCC ID: PY7-PM0854]

Sony PY7-PM0850_1

Sony PY7-PM0850_2

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