No new Sony flagship expected at MWC 2015

by XB on 26th January 2015

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MWCWe are currently receiving word that there is a good chance that Sony will not present a new flagship device at MWC 2015. Of course, plans can always change, but we understand that right now Sony is planning a ‘summer’ release for its next generation phones.

Sony has traditionally launched new flagship devices into the market by the end of March each year. The first hint we got that things might be different this year came from the leak of the Xperia Z4 from the Bond product pitch. The leaked email pointed to May/November release dates for the H1 and H2 Sony Xperia flagship devices in 2015.

Then there is the fact that we have not seen any leaks of any kind for the Xperia Z4 so far (apart from the Bond product pitch, which doesn’t really count). We understand the recent model that passed through the FCC is likely to be a mid-range device. Whilst, Sony has tightened up on the leak front, we find it very hard to believe that we would not see anything given that MWC is just over a month away.

Of course, the worry of a MWC no show for Sony fans means it might lose some consumer mind share from some of the brands that will unveil their next flagships such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and HTC One M9.

If this does turn out to be true, then Sony will likely try to keep pitching the Xperia Z3 as the current flagship at MWC 2015. It is perhaps the reason for Sony launching the new purple-coloured Xperia Z3 to try to keep things fresh. Therefore, we may only see entry/mid-level Xperia phones launch at MWC.

The news will disappoint many if what we are hearing is correct, it also makes us wonder when would be a natural window to launch the Xperia Z4? Could Sony be scheduling a special dedicated event just for the flagship launch? There aren’t too many high profile tradeshows between now and then summer apart from perhaps CommunicAsia which takes place on 2 to 6 June 2015. Sony has not participated in the other big H1 technology tradeshows such as CeBIT (16 to 20 March 2015) and Computex (2 to 6 June 2015) in the past.

Anyway, we will find out whether this turns out to be true in a month’s time when MWC takes place. We would love to hear your views on what this means for you below. Will you wait to see what Sony has to offer?

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