Sony outs Xperia Z4 Tablet with 2K screen

by XB on 24th February 2015

in Rumours, Sony Tablet, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z4 Tablet_1Sony has confirmed that it will shortly release the Xperia Z4 Tablet. The device has made an appearance on the official Xperia Lounge application, before being swiftly pulled. We do not know the full specs of the device, but the screenshot confirms it will have a 2K display, “the latest ultra fast processor” and “industry leading battery performance”.

The design looks very similar to the Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact, so what we may see is a 10-inch version with 2K screen. Interestingly, the date on the app of 3 March 2015 pretty much confirms that the Xperia Z4 Tablet will make an appearance at MWC next week. We expect Sony to announce what it has up its sleeve on Monday 2 March 2015.

Xperia Z4 Tablet_2

Xperia Z4 Tablet_1

Thanks Fredrik!

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