Album app ‘Material Design’ update (7.0.A.0.24) now rolling

by XB on 3rd March 2015

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Album 7.0.A.0.24_1Sony Mobile has released the ‘Material Design’ update for its final media app – the Album application. The much awaited update moves the build number from 6.6.A.0.6 to 7.0.A.0.24. The new update includes a lighter design with the header screens swathed in a mustard orange colour.

The other major update, apart from design, is the ability to manage and move your photos into folders as previously detailed here. Also the icons on the folder show where these photos are stored (SD card or internal memory), although this feature was introduced in the last update.

Another change is that the ‘All Sync’ setting now only controls the uploads from your specific device. Other devices that are connected to the same PlayMemories Online account are not affected. The Album update (7.0.A.0.24) should be slowly rolling out to all handsets.

DOWNLOAD APK: Album (7.0.A.0.24) (Mirror 1) (Mirror 2)

Album_7.0.A.0.24_1 Album_7.0.A.0.24_2

Album_7.0.A.0.24_3 Album_7.0.A.0.24_4

Album_7.0.A.0.24_4 Album_7.0.A.0.24_6

Album_7.0.A.0.24_7 Album_7.0.A.0.24_9


Thanks Diogo!

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