Xperia Z4 hands-on pics (including comparison with Xperia Z3)

by XB on 20th April 2015

in Hands On, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Watch Impress Z4_5Sony Japan officially launched the Xperia Z4 earlier today, planning for a summer release. Whilst we wait to see whether Sony launches the handset outside Japan, we thought we’d share some hands-on pics of the handset from the Japanese media. These include a number of comparison pics against the Xperia Z3, showing some subtle changes in design including a capless micro USB port and no magnetic charging pins. Check out the pictures below.

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_1

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_2

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_3

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_4

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_5

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_6

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_7

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_8

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_9

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_10

ASCII Z4 vs Z3_11

Watch Impress Z4_1

Watch Impress Z4_2

Watch Impress Z4_3

Watch Impress Z4_4

Watch Impress Z4_5

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_1

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_2

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_3

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_4

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_5

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_6

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_7

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_8

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_9

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_10

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_11

Xperia Z4 vs Z3_12

Z4 vs Z3 vs Z1_1

Z4 vs Z3 vs Z1_2

Via ASCII (1 & 2), ITMedia and Watch Impress.

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