Two separate updates hitting the Video app (build 9.1.A.0.8 and 8.0.A.2.4)

by XB on 28th April 2015

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Video 9.1.A.0.8_1Sony Mobile has today rolled two updates to its Video application, depending on which handset you are running. For handsets on older firmware, Sony is rolling Video build number 8.0.A.2.4 (upgraded from 8.0.A.0.8) which changes the name of the application from “Movies” to “Video”.

Another update is also rolling for newer handsets running Lollipop with build number 9.1.A.0.8. For these handsets, the app was already renamed from Movies to Video in the previous build (9.0.A.0.20). Sony says that this 13.0MB update improves the layout of the main view and Devices in the drawer menu. Other changes include improved app stability and bug fixes.

Video app update (build number 9.1.A.0.8)

DOWNLOAD APK: Video (9.1.A.0.8)

Video 9.1.A.0.8_1 Video 9.1.A.0.8_2

Video 9.1.A.0.8_3 Video 9.1.A.0.8_4

Video app update (build number 8.0.A.2.4)

Video 8.0.A.2.4_1 Video 8.0.A.2.4_2

Video 8.0.A.2.4_3 Video 8.0.A.2.4_4

Thanks Abdoul, Ankit, Priyank and Robert!

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