Sony intros new ‘Clear All’ button to close your recent apps in Lollipop

by XB on 2nd May 2015

in Android, Firmware, Xperia Z3 series

Sony Clear allOne of the big bugbears for many that have upgraded to Android Lollipop is that the “Close all” button has been removed. This meant users had to individually swipe to remove their recent apps. Sony did bring back the “Close all” button for select handsets and firmware builds, but it seemed like a rushed afterthought both in terms of placement and design.

Well, one of the new features from the recently released Xperia Z3 firmware (build number 23.2.A.1.62 that we reported on a few days back) is that Sony has re-introduced ‘close all’ in the recent apps pane. However this time, Sony uses the ‘clear all’ graphic that is normally found within the notification pull down screen. This particular firmware only hit Hong Kong, but hopefully we will see this button be used in all future Lollipop builds.

Previous “Close all” button in Lollipop Xperia firmware

Close All Xperia Lollipop

New ‘clear all’ button in Lollipop Xperia firmware

Sony Clear all

Thanks Chris and Jozef!

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