Xperia Z4 announced for SoftBank Mobile in Japan

by XB on 19th May 2015

in Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z4 SoftBank_1Sony Mobile has announced that the Xperia Z4 (402SO) will be heading to SoftBank Mobile in Japan – this now makes three Japanese carriers that will stock Sony’s latest flagship. The model is the same in design/specs that we have already seen, however it is refreshing to see that SoftBank will not adorn any logos on the handset (unlike NTT docomo and au). The handset is due to launch in mid-June 2015, in line with the other Japanese carriers. Still no word on an international release.

Xperia Z4 Softbank press pictures

Xperia Z4 SoftBank_1

Xperia Z4 SoftBank_15

Xperia Z4 SoftBank_16

Xperia Z4 SoftBank_0

Xperia Z4 Softbank hands-on pictures

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_4

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_5

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_6

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_7

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_8

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_9

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_10

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_1

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_2

Xperia Z4 SoftBank Hands-on_3

Via Sony Mobile Japan and SoftBank.

Hands-on images via ASCII and Watch Impress.

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