Sony investigating use of USB Type-C ports in future smartphones

by XB on 10th June 2015

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Sony Xperia USB Type-CWhen Google recently announced Android M, one of the new features includes official support for the USB Type-C standard. One of the main advantages of USB Type-C is that it is reversible, allowing users to plug it into their device in either direction (similar to the Apple Lightning cable). Google also said that USB Type-C will bring faster charging (up to 3-5x quicker) and the ability for a phone to charge another device.

It is perhaps, therefore, no surprise to learn that Sony is currently looking into the use of USB Type-C ports within future Xperia devices. However, as things stand, Sony has no plans to launch devices with the new USB connector just yet.

Of course we’re investigating (USB Type-C),” said Takeshi Nitta, program manager at Sony Mobile’s Tokyo project office. The industry needs more time to migrate towards the new standard first said Nitta. He also said that the new port will not help in making Sony’s phones thinner, this is largely reliant on Sony reducing the thickness of camera modules and displays instead.

So don’t expect any Sony Xperia devices including the USB Type-C port this year. However, we would be surprised to not see it included within a 2016 flagship offering. Time will tell on that part, however would it bother you if USB Type-C is not included soon? Are you happy enough with the current micro USB solution? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Sony Xperia USB Type-C

Via Focus Taiwan [via Android Authority].

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