Xperia Z4 released in Japan today; receives day-one update for speaker issues

by XB on 10th June 2015

in Firmware, Xperia - Japan Models, Xperia Z4 and Z3+ series

Xperia Z4 docomoNTT docomo is the first Japanese carrier to release the Sony Xperia Z4 (SO-03G), with the phone ready to pick up in stores or order online. NTT docomo announced a day-one firmware update for the device relating to a reduction in speaker volume under certain conditions. The new update moves the firmware build number from 28.0.B.0.446 to version 28.0.B.0.457. NTT docomo has priced the Xperia Z4 at 93,312 yen (£488, €669, $744). Other Japanese carriers will launch the Xperia Z4 over the next couple of days, with au releasing it tomorrow (11 June) and SoftBank releasing it on 12 June.

Xperia Z4 docomo

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