Sketch update (6.2.A.0.1) adds bucket fill, smudge tool and thinner brushes in stable release

by XB on 18th June 2015

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Sketch 6.2.A.0.1_2Sony Mobile has updated the Sketch application to version 6.2.A.0.1. This new build number supersedes both the latest beta (6.1.C.6.0) and last stable release. The last beta release introduced the smudge tool, thinner brushes and improved photo support. In addition to these features, this new update adds bucket fill. Sony has also released a couple of new sticker packs recently including one for Ramadan and another for the Swedish Midsummer.

DOWNLOAD APK: Sketch (6.2.A.0.1)

Sketch 6.2.A.0.1_1 Sketch 6.2.A.0.1_2

Sketch 6.2.A.0.1_3 Sketch 6.2.A.0.1_4

Sketch 6.2.A.0.1_5 Sketch 6.2.A.0.1_6

Sketch 6.2.A.0.1_7 Sketch 6.2.A.0.1_8

Thanks Jad and Rimaz!

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