Sony’s “run+1” app renamed “WalknRun”

by XB on 4th July 2015

in Applications

Sony WalknRun_0_resultA few days back we reported on the “run+1” app that encourages users to run by starting off small and building on that to run quicker and longer. The app is still in beta, but Sony has now renamed the app “WalknRun”.

The other change is that each level is given a stronger identity with colours and titles. Users can also select their coaching character. For further detail on the app check our previous post here.

Sony WalknRun_1_result Sony WalknRun_2_result

Sony WalknRun_3_result Sony WalknRun_4_result

Sony WalknRun_5_result Sony WalknRun_6_result

Sony WalknRun_7_result

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