PlayStation Mobile: Last chance to buy games on 15 July

by XB on 12th July 2015

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PlayStation MobileA quick heads-up to all of those you who have used the PlayStation Mobile (PSM) service in the past, either on PlayStation Certified Android devices or the PS Vita, the last day that you will be able to purchase new content will be on 15 July 2015. Therefore you have three days left to browse the PlayStation Store to see if there are any gaming delights that take your fancy.

If you have bought titles from PSM in the past, then the next major date you should be aware of is 10 September 2015. This is when PSM will be closed for good. Any titles you have bought in the past will not be re-downloadable from the PSN Store. Any content you have bought can be played after 10 September, but you need to ensure the device is activated through the PSM app (up to three devices can be activated) before that date. For further details click here.

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