Xperia C5 Ultra to be marketing name for Sony ‘Lavender’?

by XB on 14th July 2015

in Rumours, Xperia C5 Ultra

Sony Xperia logoSony has a number of model numbers on the horizon which may or may not see the light of day. One of these is the Sony E55XX (E5503, E5563) codenamed Lavender. The handset is rumoured to have a 1080p resolution display that is bigger than the Xperia C4 (5.5-inches) and feature a MediaTek MT6752 (64-bit octa-core LTE) chipset with 2GB RAM and potentially 13MP front and rear cameras.

All of this information, including pictures of the front panel, were provided by tipster @upleaks. Now the same source claims that the Sony ‘Lavender’ will in fact be known as the “Sony Xperia C5 Ultra”. @upleaks was spot on with his leaks on the Xperia C4, so there is a good chance that this info is correct.

There were numerous rumours over the last few days talking about this handset being called the Xperia T4 Ultra, but this was unlikely from our view (hence no post). Recent Sony H2 releases have an odd number tag, so this year it should have a ‘5’ to denote it is a H2 device. Even-numbered releases are for the first half the year. The Xperia Z3+ bucked that trend, but we understand that was a one-off, given the importance of where the new flagship was positioned.

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