Will Sony’s H2 flagship be “Made for Bond”? Leaked promo pic suggests so

by XB on 24th July 2015

in Rumours

Made for Bond ThumbnailThe leaked promo picture below appears to suggest that Sony will tie-up its latest smartphone release with the new James Bond flick, SPECTRE, when it launches in November 2015. The pic shows “Made for Bond” with “Xperia -5” underneath. The letter has been masked, which It means it could be the Z5 or maybe Sony is promoting a new letter for the Bond phone.

The picture comes courtesy of Digi-wo, who have a good track record when it comes to Xperia leaks. Of course, the picture could have been created by any one, so take with a pinch of salt for now. However, we know Sony was working on getting the new H2 flagship into the movie, so expect it to be in the movie somewhere.

Xperia Z5 Made for Bond

Via Digi-wo.

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