First render of Xperia Z5 Plus leaks

by XB on 13th August 2015

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Sony Xperia S70+_CropWhilst we have seen purported pictures for the upcoming H2 Sony Xperia flagships (most probably called the Xperia Z5 and Xperia Z5 Compact), there has been a lack of leaks for the phablet H2 Xperia flagship codenamed S70+ and most likely to be marketed as the Xperia Z5+. Yesterday, the UAProf for the device with model number Sony E68XX (E6833, E6853 E6883) was revealed, suggesting it may have a 4K screen, but this is not definitive proof itself.

Anyway, what you see below is believed to be from a leaked Sony Mobile slide and has been doing the rounds in the Asian media. The slide refers to the S70+, a codename that we first confirmed a few weeks back. It shows a render of what is believed to the Xperia Z5+ phablet.

The picture matches what we have already seen confirming that, at least design-wise, the Xperia Z5+ will look no different to what you have already seen with the Xperia Z3+. The OmniBalance design is present along with three colours which are Black and Gold along with a new colour – Chrome.

The leaked picture is very low resolution unfortunately, but you can make out the fingerprint scanner on the right side of the phone. What remains an unknown is whether this model will launch with the Xperia Z5 and Z5 Compact at IFA 2015 in early September, or whether a later launch is more likely. We’ll bring you more news as we have it.

Sony Xperia Z5+ (S70+) leaked slide – original

Sony Xperia S70+

Sony Xperia Z5+ (S70+) leaked slide – zoom and cropped

Sony Xperia S70+_Crop

Via Weibo.

Thanks Tony!

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