Live on YouTube update (01.00.54) adds ‘pause’ and mute’ feature and more

by XB on 13th August 2015

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Live on YouTube 01.00.54_3Sony Mobile has updated the “Live on YouTube” live broadcasting app, moving it from build number 01.00.47 to version 01.00.54. There are a whole range of changes in this latest version including new ‘pause’ and ‘mute’ features.

Apart from that, Sony has changed the settings menu into three sections as well as introducing the ability to change the broadcast category, add tags, view your history as well as promoting the broadcast. The update is currently live through the Google Play Store or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: Live on YouTube (01.00.54)

Live on YouTube version 01.00.54 introduces a new settings menu.

Live on YouTube 01.00.54_1

You can now choose your broadcast category for your video.

Live on YouTube 01.00.54_2

The option to tag your videos is also included.

Live on YouTube 01.00.54_3

You can also promote your broadcast, which posts a message on your YouTube activities feed.

Live on YouTube 01.00.54_4

Additional options include a new “History” feature and the ability to save the video to your device.

Live on YouTube 01.00.54_5

There are no new features on the last section of the settings menu.

Live on YouTube 01.00.54_6

Sony now allows you to “mute” your video as can be seen by the microphone icon on the left.

Live on YouTube 01.00.54_7

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