JDI develops 10-inch LCD display with HDR support

by XB on 20th September 2015

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JDI 10-inch HDR ThumbJapan Display Inc. (JDI) has developed a 10-inch LCD display module that supports the playback of HDR (high dynamic range) content. JDI has managed to do this by combining its ‘WhiteMagic’ display with a newly developed 2D local dimming backlight. The newer televisions on the market are beginning to support HDR which, in the simplest terms, displays the brightest whites and darkest blacks to enrich video content.

This new JDI display achieves this by utilising the WhiteMagic display with its extra white sub-pixel in the RGB (red, green, blue) panel for peak brightness and a 2D local dimming backlight that controls the luminosity of each zone with precision, leading to higher contrast and deeper blacks.

The display comes in a very unusual 24:9 aspect ratio, even wider than the 21:9 aspect ratio found in some monitors, with a resolution of 2,880 x 1,080 pixels. JDI mentions that this technology can potentially be used for streaming HDR content on mobile devices, but there is no mention of when this could arrive in the market.

JDI 10-inch HDR Display

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