Xperia Z5 Compact owners reporting touch screen problems

by XB on 6th October 2015

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Xperia Z5 Compact touch screen issueA number of new Sony Xperia Z5 Compact owners appear to be suffering from a problem with the touch screen sensitivity of the device. Reports first started to surface on the Sony Mobile support forums a week ago and since then the thread has grown with others experiencing the same issue.

The problem revolves around a lack of sensitivity when trying to navigate around the touch screen. The touch sensor will either not register an input at all, or if a button is pressed, for example when typing, it will register multiple inputs of that one command.

Strangely enough, pretty much most people that have the problem are using White Xperia Z5 Compact models, so it may not be an issue for those using other colours. We’re not sure why this would be the case, but it could be a batch issue during production. Sony has said that they are looking into the issue, but are yet to respond. If you have noticed this problem on your Xperia Z5 Compact, let us know in the comments below.

This problem has plagued other Sony Xperia models in the past too. Some users experienced problems with the Xperia Z3 series too. We can confirm our resident Xperia Z3 Compact also suffered from this, which was also a white model incidentally. The only ‘fix’ that worked was turning off the double tap to wake feature. Let’s hope this is an isolated case for a batch of Xperia Z5 Compact handsets.

Thanks Ben, Davekk, Ramuk and Tony!

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