Sony updates Software update app with an ‘Update history’ (3.1.1.A.0.4)

by XB on 14th November 2015

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Sony Software update 3.1.1.A.0.4_2Sony has updated its “Software update” application to include an update history of past installations. The latest version will bring you to build number 3.1.1.A.0.4 and it is a mandatory install – you will not be able to upgrade your firmware or apps (via What’s New) until the Software Update application is upgraded to the latest build. The Update history button sits within the settings menu, but right now you can’t access it. We would expect as future updates hit your handset it will start to detail your history. This update is only relevant for Android Lollipop builds, it is not rolling out for those of you on Android KitKat.

DOWNLOAD: Sony Software update (3.1.1.A.0.4)

Sony Software update 3.1.1.A.0.4_1 Sony Software update 3.1.1.A.0.4_2

Sony Software update 3.1.1.A.0.4_3

Thanks Himath, Rudy and Wen Tah Chai!

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