Sony is pushing Google to add restart option to AOSP

by XB on 8th December 2015

in Android

Xperia Restart OptionGoogle takes a very minimalist approach when it comes to the power menu within stock Android. The only option it includes by default is the “Power off” option. All of the other options you see in your official Sony Xperia firmware has been added by Sony. This includes the reboot option that can be incredibly useful if you’re having issues with the OS or an app.

Sony is now requesting the restart option to be a feature within the AOSP. Sony has opened a bug tracker issue and even submitted a patch, but at least so far Google is not responding positively. Sony’s suggestion is to include the option within the developer settings, which means you would have to manually turn it on.

Sony says that the power menu is the most requested feature from its Android Concept programme. In Sony’s Concept Marshmallow builds, it did add the “Take screenshot” option, but confirmed it will not add the restart option “unless we can get Google to accept having this as a developer option.” How important do you regard the restart option within the power menu? We’d love to hear your thoughts below.

Via Android Police.

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