TrackID LIVE introduced in latest Beta (4.3.B.3.0): See what others are tracking all over the world

by XB on 15th December 2015

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TrackID 4.3.B.3.0_2Sony Mobile has launched a new beta version (4.3.B.3.0) of TrackID that introduces a really cool feature called TrackID LIVE. This new section allows you to see what songs other people are tracking all over the world. You get a rolling list of songs when entering this mode, including the location of where the song was tracked.

Other new features includes text search for tracks/artists/albums and the addition of fun facts on some of the top chart tracks. If you are in the TrackID beta test, check out the update in the Google Play Store, or you can download the APK below.

DOWNLOAD APK: TrackID (4.3.B.3.0)

TrackID 4.3.B.3.0_1 TrackID 4.3.B.3.0_2

TrackID 4.3.B.3.0_3

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