Sony Xperia T3 allegedly explodes in man’s hands

by XB on 11th January 2016

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Xperia T3 explodes_1Over the years, there have been media reports of phones exploding across all of the major manufacturers including Apple iPhones and Samsung Galaxy. It is never wholly clear why this happens, but more often than not it relates to using cheap third-party chargers. Anyway, a similar story has emerged for the Xperia T3, where a number of UK tabloids reported that a man suffered severe burns after the phone ‘exploded’ in his hand.

Grant Eger, Newport, South Wales had the following to say regarding the incident: “I was just scrolling through my phone and as I was scrolling and texting back my girlfriend, I heard a little tick noise like something was going on in the phone. When I first started hearing them I didn’t know what they were. I just thought, “what the hell is it?” The next thing I knew was a spark shot out the side. They were big so my instant reaction was to throw it. I threw the phone to the side of my bed. It just sparked even more and went up in flames.”

The Xperia T3 then burned the carpet, with the fire only dying out once the phone had been thrown into the back garden. “The phone is all smashed at the front and at the back of it all you can see is the battery where it exploded”, said Eger. “It’s all in pieces. It was so scary. I heard about things like that happening but when it happens to you it sort of opens your eyes to things like that. I’ve been working with cars for years and had electric shocks but this is entirely different. With Sony, you wouldn’t expect something like that to happen to a phone like that. I won’t touch a Sony phone again – no chance.”

Sony responded to the incident with the following response:

“We build all of our devices to a high quality standard and submit them to rigorous testing procedures. Tests carried out include free fall, bend, pressure, heat and other simulations to reflect the different uses of our products in the field. We are now in direct contact with the customer to investigate the cause of the incident.”

Xperia T3 explodes_2

Xperia T3 explodes_1

Via The Mirror.

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