Xperia sales forecast to nosedive in fourth quarter

by XB on 29th January 2016

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Xperia NosediveSony Corporation reported its third quarter results earlier today for the three months ended 31 December 2015 and it doesn’t make for good reading on the smartphone side. On the volume side, unit sales for the third quarter period was 7.6 million units, marginally behind expectations. Sony now expects to ship 25 million Xperia units in the full financial year, a reduction of 7% from the previous forecast (27 million). The previous number was already a reduced forecast from 30 million originally.

What this indicates is that Sony will ship just 3.5 million units during its fiscal fourth quarter – this is the same amount Sony was shipping in the summer of 2011. Just taking the forecast second half in aggregate points to a 44% volume decline since the previous year. It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Sony has a lot to do, if it credibly wants to turn this performance around.

Xperia Units Q4 2015

Xperia Results Q3 FY15_WM

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