DevilCase DevilDock for Sony Xperia Review

by XB on 4th May 2016

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DevilCase DevilDock_12We have featured DevilCase a number of times on the blog, normally when looking at the company’s aluminium bumpers. DevilCase is a Taiwanese-based company that produces a variety of premium smartphone accessories. Today, we are reviewing the DevilCase ‘DevilDock’, which is a USB charging dock that is compatible with a number of Sony Xperia devices.

This is no ordinary charging dock though, it is crafted from precision-machined aluminium, with a weighty premium feel, it includes its own tools to use your own cable and has a non-slip base. The dock is available in various colours and can be used with or without a chunky case or bumper. Click through for our full thoughts below.

DevilCase DevilDock_1

DevilCase offers the DevilDock in various colours to suit all tastes including Red, Black, Gold and Silver. All colours are currently available via for $59.99 and for £59.99.

DevilCase DevilDock_2

Inside the packaging, you will find the DevilDock itself, which includes a wired white USB cable and a small accessories box.

DevilCase DevilDock_3

The DevilCase DevilDock has a weighty premium feel to it, you wouldn’t think the dock is just for humbly charging your smartphone. DevilCase says the dock weighs at 273 grams. The whole docking unit is manufactured from a block of aluminium which adds to the elegance.

DevilCase DevilDock_4

The DevilDock is a simple micro USB charging dock for your Sony Xperia smartphone. However, one of the neat tricks is that you can actually replace the cable and micro USB port with a cable of your choice.

DevilCase DevilDock_5

The base also has a non-slip rubbery surface, which should mean that it won’t move once placed on your desk. The sticky plastic plate can be cleaned by water and it is reusable.

DevilCase DevilDock_6

Inside the small accessories box, you will find a perspex plate which can be placed inside the dock to give your smartphone some support. There are also some leather inserts to ensure the bottom of your phone does not get scratched. The other addition is a hex key and a number of spare screws.

DevilCase DevilDock_7

Here you can see how the Perspex plate can be slotted into the dock to provide support to your phone (for example, if not using a case).

DevilCase DevilDock_8

However, the great thing about the case, is that there is ample room even if you are using a chunky case. Below, you can see the Xperia Z5 being used with the DevilCase aluminium bumper.

DevilCase DevilDock_9

The design of the DevilDock has chamfered edges and a smooth finish. The dock has enough space to fit even the widest of cases.

DevilCase DevilDock_10

The DevilDock looks great whether you are viewing it from the front or back. The whole unit includes enough weight to ensure there is no chance that the phone will tip over.

DevilCase DevilDock_11

One of the more unusual parts of the dock is that DevilCase encourages you to take it apart, if you wish. A hex key and spare screws are also included as part of the package. The bottom plate is held by four screws, which needs to be removed to change the USB cable.

DevilCase DevilDock_13

Once the bottom plate is removed, you will find the USB cable is held to the dock using another silver grip with an additional two screws.

DevilCase DevilDock_14

Once you remove the two screws holding this in place you are able to remove the USB cable from the dock. The included cord has a length of 1 metre and the current of the charging cord is 2A. You can of course attach this to any USB charger you have.

DevilCase DevilDock_15

Overall thoughts

DevilCase has crafted another accessory that exudes elegance and supreme craftsmanship. We are used to the company’s attention to detail and build quality on their aluminium bumpers and this has carried over to the DevilDock.

It does all the simple things right, it has a good weight to it, it is made of premium materials and comes with a non-slip base. We also love the fact that you can use any USB cable of your choice and fit any compatible Sony Xperia device with or without a case/bumper.

The price is always the one draw-back for DevilCase products and it is no different here. Forking out $60 for a micro USB charging dock might sound excessive, but on the flipside it will probably the sexiest charging dock you will ever own.

The DevilCase DevilDock is available through for $59.99 and for £59.99.

Compatibility: The DevilCase DevilDock is compatible with the following Sony Xperia devices: Xperia Z3+(Z4), Z5, Z5 Compact, Z5 Premium, M5 and C5 Ultra.

DevilCase DevilDock_12

Many thanks to DevilCase for sending the charging dock for review!

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