Is this a first glimpse of the Xperia X packaging?

by XB on 4th May 2016

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Xperia X packagingSony Mobile is set to launch the Xperia X towards the end of this month and we may have just had a first look at the new packaging. The video below shows a demo Xperia X unit being unboxed. On the face of it, the packaging looks just like a normal white box. However, this hides some very colourful sides of the box which are revealed once the top cover is lifted off.

The colourful design is the same used in the Xperia X wallpaper (click here for a better idea of what to expect). We’ll bring you the retail unboxing as soon as it’s out, in the meantime you can check out the video below.

Update: We have included another Xperia X unboxing video below that gives a better look at the box and contents.

Thanks dragonsneeze and fluxx!

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