Xperia X will be Sony’s mainstay until 2018; Xperia C and M series no more

by XB on 13th May 2016

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Xperia X era_5Word coming out from the Asian tech media is that not only has Sony ended the Xperia Z series, apparently the Xperia C and Xperia M series have also been cancelled. This means that Sony may exclusively use the Xperia X as a single brand to push all future handsets. This would tie in with our recent report that the rumoured ‘Xperia C6 Ultra’ may in fact arrive as the ‘Xperia X Ultra’.

Sony Mobile presentations appear to show that the Xperia X series marks Sony’s ‘Chapter 3’. Chapter 1 was between 2010-12 and was about the “open OS for web communication”, with the key highlight being the Sony Android phone that started it all – the Xperia X10. Chapter 2 took place between 2013-15 and was about the “best of Sony” highlighted by the Xperia Z series.

Now chapter 3 will take place between 2016-18 and marks “Xperia for new communication”. This is marked by ‘Xperia X’ as a new visual identity for Sony’s brand communication. The new ‘X’ logo will be used in all promotional print and TV advertising.

To be clear to readers, there will be no compromise in Sony creating a flagship phone. So just because there is no Xperia Z series, future flagship phones will carry on via the Xperia X range, with no compromise in specifications. Obviously what remains to be seen is how Sony will cleanly name all of the various handsets under just one brand, especially if Sony plans to use this over three years. But we’re sure Sony has thought of that…

Xperia X era_4

Xperia X era_5

Xperia X era_6

Via ePrice TW, Marco Kao and RingHK.

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