Does the Xperia X camera suffer from overheating issues? [Update]

by XB on 3rd June 2016

in Problems, Videos, Xperia X series

Xperia X overheatingSony Xperia phones have often been criticised for heat issues, especially around the camera. The Sony Xperia Z3+ was notorious for suffering from heating problems, but a number of Xperia models have also suffered from force shutdowns on the camera when video recording.

It was disappointing to hear that the Xperia X models would not support 4K video recording, and it looks like optimising thermal performance was one of the key reasons for this. Well it looks like the Xperia X may have issues even with 1080p video recording judging by the video below. Check out how the Xperia X performs versus the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Update: The video below has now been removed by the owner Damir Franc. He has also made a number of comments to Android Authority that are worth checking out. To put all of this context, it is worth noting that a number of Xperia X owners have got in touch to say this is not an issue. One user in the comments below, claims to have achieved 40 minutes of recording time without any problems. Therefore, we don’t expect this overheating issue to be widespread and hopefully newer firmware updates will optimise the phone even further.

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