JDI develops a “Full Active” LCD display – allows us to dream of a bezel-less Xperia smartphone

by XB on 9th August 2016

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JDI Full Active Display_ThumbJapan Display Inc has announced a new type of LCD display called a “full active” display, which will allow smartphone manufacturers to design phones with minimal bezels. JDI’s new display utilises a number of technologies to reduce the width of the bottom bezel, enabling it to be as narrow as the other three sides.

The technologies include a new high-density wiring layout, as well as new processing techniques and module assembly. The result, says JDI, is that it will allow the creation of bezel-less smartphones i.e. where the size of the handset is pretty much the same size as the display. JDI has created a 5.5-inch display for smartphone devices and plans to start mass production by the end of March 2017. Given how many people complain about the bezels on some Xperia devices, let’s hope we see one of these new full active displays appear on a Sony smartphone next year.

JDI Full Active Display

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