DxOMark reviews the Xperia XZ camera; ranks it in line with the Xperia Z5

by XB on 25th December 2016

in Imaging, Xperia XZ series

dxomark-xperia-xzDxOMark has put the Sony Xperia XZ through its test labs and awarded the phone an overall score of 87 points. This places it in line with last year’s flagship, the Xperia Z5, but one point behind the Xperia X Performance (88 points). DxOMark says that the phone shares many of the strengths and weaknesses of the Xperia X Performance.

It is interesting when looking at the score breakdown for both photos and videos, how the overall score was heavily impacted by low scores relating to artifacts/noise. DxOMark said this included “noticeable haloing, ringing, and over-sharpening”. On the positive side, the autofocus, low-light performance and Sony’s electronic stabilisation system were singled out for praise. You can check out some samples at the source link below.


Via DxOMark.

Thanks Diogo, Svnjay and Thariq!

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