Sony explains what ALKALEIDO metal really is

by XB on 6th January 2017

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Sony Mobile used a new form of metal called ALKALEIDO, when it created the Xperia XZ. This was the first time that the metal was used in a smartphone and Sony has given some further detail behind its creation.

Sony’s Shinji Kanada, who works in Sony’s mechanics department in Tokyo, says that the ALKALEIDO is a new form of aluminium that currently adorns the rear of the Xperia XZ. Sony worked with Kobe Steel to create the exact material it was looking for in terms of looks, strength etc.

Kanada says that the ALKALEIDO metal creates a more “shiny, ‘shimmery’ look that we think is beautiful from every angle”, compared to the traditional aluminium used on phones where you can see the slight lines/grain from the material.

Sony’s inspiration for the material came from a kaleidoscope and hence ALKALEIDO (Aluminium + Kaleidoscope) was born. Sony has not commented whether further Xperia smartphones will use this new material, but we don’t think it would have gone through all of this effort for just one smartphone.

Via Sony Mobile.

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