Sony confirms no Android Wear 2.0 for SmartWatch 3

by XB on 15th February 2017

in Accessories, Android, Firmware

Google formally unveiled Android Wear 2.0 last week and along with its introduction, it highlighted a list of watches that would receive the update. The Sony SmartWatch 3 was not on the list and whilst some remained hopeful that the update would arrive at some point in the future, the signs weren’t good. However, we now have confirmation that Android Wear 2.0 will not arrive on the SW3.

Sony’s product page for the SmartWatch 3 says that “Android Wear 2.0 and onwards are not supported“, dashing the hopes of many SW3 owners. Obviously, owners of the watch are not happy and have started a petition to get Google & Sony to change their mind. The petition has over 1,500 signatures and if you want to get involved, you can find it here.

Sony’s SmartWatch 3 product page confirms no Android Wear 2.0

Thanks Aaron and Steven!

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