No Sony Concept software for Xperia XZ Premium after all

by XB on 21st April 2017

in Firmware, Xperia XZ series

It looks like there was some confusion over yesterday’s report on Sony’s plans for Concept for Android. Sony is ending the Concept programme for the Xperia X next month, but it will not continue with the Xperia XZ Premium as we reported.

Sony’s original post was somewhat ambiguously worded, referring to next steps being a “community similar to the InTouch community for our upcoming Xperia XZ Premium”. Many assumed this meant that the Xperia XZ Premium will continue to fly the flag for the Concept programme.

Sony even pointed to the fact that a rebate on the Xperia XZ Premium was asked about internally but denied from the “higher ups”. Sony gave a 20% discount on the Xperia X for those that had previously been on the Xperia Z3 programme, so it was assumed a similar approach was being asked about here.

To clear up some of the confusion, Sony has released a Q&A and has now been definitive on next steps saying that “Concept for Android is not planned for another device.” So it looks like the Concept programme is now kaput, at least over the medium term.

However, Xperia XZ Premium owners will get access to the InTouch community, enabling them to keep a close dialogue with the Sony developers. We’ll bring you more details as we have it.

Thanks Fraz, geen and najodleglejszy!

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