Xperia XZs pitted against Galaxy S8+ in low light video test

by XB on 22nd April 2017

in Imaging, Xperia XZ series

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ has been released over the last week across a number of regions around the world. So it’s great to already see a quick video comparison in how the handset compares against one of Sony’s very best, the Xperia XZs.

The video below from YouTube user Phone Battles (previously Xperia Fan) has put the Galaxy S8+ against the Xperia XZs in a quite challenging low light video test. A number of video recording features are tested including digital zoom, as well as OIS (optical image stabilisation).

On the face of it, both samples don’t look great (not surprising in such dark conditions), and it’s debatable about which handset ‘wins’. What certainly cannot be said is that the Galaxy S8 is tangible improvement over the Xperia XZs. Take a look at the video below and let us know which handset gets your vote.

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