Run your Xperia XZ Premium in native 4K resolution with this mod

by XB on 4th July 2017

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The Xperia Z5 Premium was the first phone to feature a 4K (2160 x 3840 pixel resolution) display. However, despite the headline-grabbing spec, the 4K part of the phone could only be used with Sony’s media apps. The rest of the phone, including home screen and settings are all rendered in 1080p Full HD. The same also applies to the XZ Premium, although at least 4K video is supported through Amazon Video and YouTube.

However, what if you would like to take advantage of that 4K screen across all areas of your phone? Well a solution has existed for a long time, that involves the “adb shell” command to change the resolution and display density (DPI). Doing this means that you can run your phone natively in 4K resolution, however this does not come without perils.

While uses report that navigating around the home screen is noticeably sharper, some apps may have compatibility issues (particularly with text appearing smaller). A common complaint is that enabling native 4K will constantly crash the Phone Dialler app, although you can get around this with a third party app. There may also be some slight performance issues, however if you’re worried about battery life taking a bit hit, most people suggest that there isn’t a large impact.

YouTube user Damir Franc recently posted a simple tutorial on how to change the Xperia XZ Premium resolution, which you can check out below. You can also check out the source links below for extra information.

Further info: XDA and

Thanks ew210, KF, Michael, Naim and Sasa!

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